Wolfpack Boosters seeks to enrich the Cosumnes Oaks High School student community by providing financial support for athletic and club programs

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Your Wolfpack Boosters (WB) Directors are busy helping to build and strengthen the Wolfpack Community.  Our goal is to support our COHS students and help them all benefit from the best school experience possible.


The primary objectives and purpose of this Booster Club shall be: To lend support to student activities at Cosumnes Oaks High School by encouraging school spirit, citizenship, academic excellence and physical growth through keen competition. To encourage and support good sportsmanship among students and adults at all Cosumnes Oaks High School activities. To encourage and promote good relationships between Cosumnes Oaks High School and other schools with which Cosumnes Oaks High School may engage in extracurricular and academic activities


Mission Statement
The Cosumnes Oaks High School Wolfpack Boosters Club is a registered nonprofit organization comprising of parents, coaches, school administrators and community members whose mission is to enrich the COHS student community by providing financial support for COHS athletic and club programs. The Wolfpack Boosters club works to achieve this through active participation of as many parents and supporters as possible in booster club programs and working closely with the principal and administration of Cosumnes Oaks High School by: Raising funds to assist school programs and foster and promote goodwill and fraternal spirit to support, promote, and maintain high standards of scholarship, integrity, and good sportsmanship in all school activities. Promoting and encouraging student, and parent/guardian, participation in all school activities, either as an active participant or as a volunteer assistant. Promoting and encouraging attendance in all school activities by the parents, students, friends, and faculty and staff of Cosumnes Oaks High School.


Sub Group Info
To manage the wide variety of student activities at Cosumnes Oaks High School, the booster club operates as the primary umbrella organization to provide the following to each of it is a registered affiliate groups and sub-groups:
  1. Liability Insurance for approved Booster Club Fund Raising Events.
  2. Federal Non-Profit Tax Identification
  3. Non-Profit Corporation (Incorporated in the State of California)
  4. Bank Account
  5. Accounting system for tracking all deposits and withdrawals submitted by the Booster Affiliate Groups.
  6. Access to PayPal Services (online stores) and portable credit card reader with link to Booster Bank Account
Each Sub – Group will:
Provide the WPB an account registration form updated yearly.
Provide the WPB a copy of yearly goals and budget that support the objective and purpose of this organization by September 15th of each school year. Funds cannot be distributed without an approved budget.
Be assessed an administrative fee of $1.00 per player/participants as of the first day of the previous season. (i.e. Men’s Basketball = 10 players x $1.00 per player/member = $10.00 yearly administrative fee). Fees must be paid prior to any expenditure distribution.
Be provided liability insurance for all activities that meet the requirements of liability of the WPB.
Be responsible for the management, distribution of funds, and accountability of all fundraising activities performed by the affiliate as determined by their yearly budget and directed by the procedures established for this organization.
Submit a Fundraising Request Form for each fundraiser where funds will be deposited into the affiliate account (for scheduling and insurances purposes only) no less than 30 days prior to any fundraiser or event.
Provide a copy of updated Sub-Group policies and procedures, including officer names and a copy of the group’s bank signature card to the WPB no later than September 15th of each school year.*
Provide the Controller of the WPB a monthly transaction statement of all deposits and expenditures prior to the monthly Booster Meeting.*
Be provided access to a WPB checking account under the 501(c)(3) Tax Identification number of the WPB.* after Board determines that all financial conditions have been met in accordance with IRS accounting procedures. Accounts will be reapproved each year at the meeting directly following the submission of all of the required documents mentioned above.
Agree to the terms and conditions set forth by these bylaws without exception. Sub- Groups that do not comply will have their assets frozen until the Board deems them in compliance by a quorum vote of Board members.
* Unique to Subgroups
Representation of a an Affiliate or Sub-Group at Wolfpack Booster Board Meeting
All groups at Cosumnes Oaks High School will be represented by a member of the Wolfpack Booster Executive Board. By the September Annual WPB Meeting, all affiliate and sub-groups will be assigned a Director Representative who can act on your behalf if you are unable to attend any meeting. This director will act as your liaison to support the interests of your affiliate or sub-group.
All meetings of the COHS Wolfpack Boosters are open to the public and you can send a representative to speak on your behalf at any meeting. This representative must be either an adult participating to support the group or the group sponsor. If you are sending a representative that is not listed on your sponsor form, you must notify your director in advance so the representative can be recognized.
Directors will be listed on the Wolfpack Booster website.
Annual Sponsor/Coach Meeting
All sponsors, head coaches, or coach designee at Cosumnes Oaks High School must attend an annual organizational meeting held no later than mid-September of each school year.
The sole purpose of this meeting is to review Booster requirements, introduce directors, and complete annual group registration forms.