Executive Board
President: Shannon Silberling

Shannon is an Elk Grove High School Alum and was last year’s Wolfpack Booster Club Vice President. She is the proud mom of a 2016 COHS Grad, as well as a returning sophomore football player, and an incoming freshman!

Vice President: Sondra Minor

Sondra is an Alumna of Elk Grove High School and a two degree graduate of University of Phoenix. She is the proud mother of five wonderful and amazing children, three of which currently attend COHS. Not only is Sondra Vice President of the Wolfpack Booster Club (WBC), she is also Secretary of the Cosumnes Oaks Touchdown Club (COTC) and Vice President of Administration with Cosumnes Oaks Jr. Football and Cheer (COJW). She is an active member in the Elk Grove community and takes pride in the work/service she does.

Secretary: Cheryl Livingston

Cheryl is the proud mother of three: two daughters who graduated from COHS in 2011and 2013, and a basketball playing son who will graduate in 2020. Three weeks ago, she fell in love all over again when her first grand child was born! Cheryl currently works for the State of California, and previously worked as a Special Education Paraeducator for various schools within the Elk Grove Unified School District. Cheryl is a University of Phoenix graduate and strongly believes that knowledge is power. She has 18 years of banking experience, is currently on the finance committee at her church, was a foster parent to more than 17 foster kids, and loves LIFE and all that it has to offer! She often wears a big smile on her face and has an even bigger heart and can’t wait to get to know you!

Treasurer: Ben Mawson

Ben is a Science, Computer, and PE teacher here in Elk Grove. He has been involved with boosters for over 4 years and formerly served in the role of Vice President. He is another proud parent of a 2016 COHS Grad, as well as a junior golfer and swimmer at Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School.

Controller: Jennifer Grace

Jennifer is the mom of two COHS students, one a Freshman and the other a Senior, who is the AFS Exchange Student from Ghana. This is her first year on the board, however, she has years of experience on school PTO Boards, school site council, and as a volunteer with AFS, the cultural exchange student program. Her “real” job is being a real estate agent, but she works as much as she can advocating for world tolerance and understanding.

Director 1: Julie Moriyama

Current Teams & Clubs: Basketball (men), Softball, Cross Country, Soccer (men), Drama, Football

Julie has been a volunteer Booster Board Member for three years and helped out with the Cosumnes Oaks Touchdown club  for four years.  She is the proud mom of a 2014 COHS graduate, as well as a returning Senior and Sophomore and an EPMS Seventh Grade student.

Director 2: Dustin Silberlin(also serving as temp website admin)

Current Teams & Clubs: Tennis (men and women), Golf (men and women), Soccer (women), Robotics, Wrestling, Baseball

Dustin is a Military Veteran and works with Disabled Veterans. He is the proud parent of a 2016 COHS Grad, a sophomore football player, and an incoming Freshman.  This will be Dustin’s second year as a booster club team director.

Director 3: Lenoare Mays

Current Teams & Clubs: Volleyball (men and women), Swimming, Women’s Basketball, Track, Music/Band

Lenoare has been part of the Elk Grove School District since August 2005 and she and her husband have 3 children.  The eldest graduated from Franklin High School, her sophomore student is currently  attending CO, and the youngest is an 8th grader at Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School. She has served on the PTO Board for Arlene Hein Elementary and is currently a Para-Educator for the district. This will be Lenoare’s second year as a booster team director.

Membership Coordinator: Tracy Bendle

Tracy is the  mom of 2 COHS graduates (daughters) 2011 and 2014, also has a son that is a sophomore. This will be Tracy’s first year on the Boosters Board, but she has been volunteering her time all throughout her kids’ school years as well as their numerous sporting activities. She has been the treasurer for her sons travel baseball team for several years

Committee Members
Wolfpack Wednesday & Social Media Coordinator: Scott Williams
Communications Coordinator: Victoria Lamar – Haas
Senior Grad Night Chair: Karen Knowlan

This is Karen’s first year volunteering with Wolfpack Boosters. Karen and her husband, Michael, are proud parents of COHS Senior and Sophomore students, as well as an 8th grader at EPMS. Karen previously spent several years with the Arlene Hein Elementary PTO Board, and has also served as a Tech Director for EPMS Musicals. Karen is currently a Producer at Creekside Christian Church.


Roles & Responsibilities
Board of Directors
1. President
a. Call and preside over Booster Club meetings
b. Monitor responsibilities of other Board Members
c. Preside over annual meeting of the Wolfpack Council
2. Vice President
a. Preside at Booster Club meetings in absence of President
b. Assist President to oversee responsibilities of other Board Members
3. Secretary
a. Take Minutes at Booster Club meetings
b. Attend to other correspondence as necessary to conduct the affairs of the Booster Club
c. Be the official custodian of the records of this organization
d. Maintain an accurate roster of all members.
4. Treasurer
a. Maintain fiscal affairs of the club including checking account
b. Develop Budget for annual operating expenses for WPB no later than September 15th each year
c. Provide Treasurer’s Report at Booster Club meetings
d. Collect yearly budgets from each subgroup and affiliate by September 15th each year
e. Collect an administrative fee of $1.00 per player/participant from each booster sub group and affiliate group.
f. Serve as Chairperson of the Finance Committee
5. Controller
a. Assist the Treasurer in maintaining fiscal affairs of the club including checking account.
b. Assist the Treasurer in develop Budget and provide Treasurer’s Report at Booster Club meetings.
c. Collect an audit report from each Council group by January 15th of each school year.
d. Is responsible for annual tax filing
6. Membership Secretary
a. Maintain records of membership on behalf of the Secretary
b. Serve as liaison between membership and Board
c. Coordinate member volunteer service with appropriate board member.
B. Wolfpack Directors
a. Serve as liaison between the Booster groups and the Board as determined by the membership list at the beginning of each fiscal year. Directors shall divide the WPB groups evenly among all directors.
b. May serve as a coordinator of Booster Club activities
c. May be an existing Council representative
d. Track membership of Booster sub groups and affiliate groups and prepare yearly administrative fee for operating expenses (i.e. Football Team = 160 players x $1.00 per player/member = $160.00 yearly administrative fee
Director 1
a. Serve as liaison between the identified WPB groups of and the Board.
Currently: (M) Basketball, (M) Soccer, Football, Softball, Cross Country, Drama
Director 2
a. Serve as liaison between the identified WPB groups of and the Board.
Currently: (W) Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Tennis, (MW) Golf, Robotics
Director 3
a. Serve as liaison between the identified WPB groups of and the Board.
Currently: (W) Basketball, (MW) Volleyball, Track, Swimming, Music/Band