The fireworks booth was the first fundraiser sponsored by the Wolfpack Boosters as a “Profit Sharing” venture for any COHS club or team choosing to participate. In 2009, the booth made a little over $15,000 profit and was shared among 13 clubs/teams. In recent years, the booth profits have exceeded $30,000.

Participation may include scrip sales ($20/scrip = $10/to group who sold it)

Participation may include working booth shifts (lottery sign up for shifts which are worth profit points based on shift time/day/workers needed)
Committee members earn 2 points for accepting a committee job. Two people may share the position, but each will only receive one point to go towards their club.

The Booth Gross minus expenses and scrip credit is then divided by the total # of points. This gives us the point value that will be given to your designated club. Example (Track has 2 committee points and worked a 4 point shift. Points are determined to be worth $200. So track made $1200 + however much they sold in scrip).

We have contracted with TNT fireworks location is at Safeway on the corner of Laguna and Franklin.

Committee member commitment expectations have changed from the previous years. A Committee member is required to accept one of the 10 positions in order to receive their 2 points. It is not fair to expect one person to cover 3 positions for 2 points while another only works 3 out of 7 days of their position for the same amount of points. You are also required to be there for the initial delivery on June 28 (time not known yet). It would be nice if we could have the committee members there to close the booth on July 4 at 7 pm. This will ensure that the cartons are repackaged correctly for their return. Your last duty will be to help with returning the fireworks on the morning of July

Committee positions / descriptions
Scrip Coordinator:
Pick up scrip from TNT (done )
Put location, dates and WP seal on scrip (done)
Contact and distribute scrip to participating groups
Track all scrip distributed
Receive and track all funds and unsold scrip
Make deposits filing correct forms with the Booster Treasurer
Collect all unsold scrip (this is no longer mandatory by TNT but helps to not have people trying to purchase with scrip that isn’t paid for)
Deliver a completed accounting of all scrip sold with credits for each group to the committee chair and booster treasurer.

Booth Scheduler:
Prepare a sign up calendar for booth shifts (done)
Contact groups with time and place for sign ups
Conduct the lottery meeting
Confirm workers with each group coordinator  and contact next group in line if unable to fill their spot

Shift manager:
There are 3 shift managers: opener 8 am – 1 pm / mid 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm /closer 5 – 10 pm
Shift managers are responsible for the credit card machine, calling for deposit pick-ups, and overall leadership of the group working.
Opener is responsible for getting the booth set up for sales starting no earlier than 9 am
Closer is responsible for getting al merchandise secured in the container by 10 pm
All shifts need to keep a list for the warehouse runners for items we are running low on or top sellers (can get more merchandise on July 1)

Booth Manager:
Order storage container delivery, and arrange payment
Collect supplies needed for the booth
Coordinate and supervise initial delivery and booth set up
Help coordinate booth shifts/volunteers
Maintain running inventory tracking
Arrange reorder pick-ups from warehouse
Have the forms for everyone helping to return the fireworks

Handles daily deposit/sales records
Prints daily credit card receipt report
Makes all bank deposits
Handles check requests and final reconciliation
Keeps correct change in box for the following day

Warehouse runner:
Be available from July 1 – 4 transporting fireworks from warehouse
Need to have a vehicle that can separate driver from product (truck is best)
Either be on call or have a set time to drop by the booth for a list of items to pick up.
It is a half hour drive there and back, plus the time it takes to go thru the line at the warehouse

Coordinates all of the above
Maintains the records (copies kept for 4 years)
Prepares reconciliation, profit sharing documents and ensures that sales tax was paid by Aug 31 to B.O.E.
Liaison with TNT – Cyndi Dronenberger – attend orientation
Arrange permits and sign up with B.O.E
Liaison with booster treasurer and board.
Conducts committee meetings

Thank you for considering to help in our fundraising efforts. May we have a fun and profitable fireworks season!