We are currently looking for sponsors for Senior Grad Night

Pep Squad Sponsor: $50 – Certificate of Appreciation

School Spirit Sponsor: $100 – Pep Squad Sponsor benefit plus recognition on the COHS Grad Night Facebook page

Letterman’s Club Sponsor: $250 and up – School Spirit Sponsor benefit plus name and business link listed on Sober Grad Night web site

Wolf Howler Sponsor: $500 and up – Letterman’s Club Sponsor plus Signage at Senior Grad Night

Wolfpack Pride Sponsor $1,000 + Wolf Howler Sponsor benefit plus a personal tour of the COHS Grad Night Celebration

We also would greatly appreciate the following-

Gift Items/Gift Certificates – These items will be used for raffle prizes

Food/Snack/Beverages – These items will be offered to Seniors on Grad Night

Items for Senior Gift Bags – This will be a great way to advertise your business. This could include items with your business logo, i.e. flash drives, beach towels, gift cards, etc.

To donate items please contact the booster president Shannon Silberling at: president@wolfpackboosters.com

Thank you for your generous support! Our Tax ID is #264535128